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Summer is finally here and other news! June 2023


So much Fabric, so little space. 

As we continue to struggle to find the time to enter inventory QUICKLY to get the website ready for sales, new fabric just keeps arriving as I run out of places to put it, and have to get creative. Its amazing how much it feels like in my basement, and yet in an actually storefront, I am not sure we would be terribly impressive yet. Darling hubby keeps encouraging me to open a physical shop, but retail spaces are both scarce and expensive, so it's hard to feel ready to take that step. There is a vacuum though with the closest local quilt shop closed in December. We have been toying with the idea of finding land and moving so we have space to put up our own shop. We will have to see how all of that pans out.

Custom Quilting

This lovely was brought to me by the daughter of the quilter. She was so sweet to say that even though she has a longarm, she didn't think that she could do it justice yet, and she entrusted it to me. She let me just do my thing and was so pleased with the results. I am honored that she trusted me with this quilt.  

Vitamin Sea is here!

This gorgeous line from Northcott has just arrived. The fabric is lucious with amazing colors. I am definitely a green girl, but love my cool colors. This is right in my wheel house. There are so many project ideas available! 

Inner Relections BOM by Material Girlfriends

The patterns and fabric for this BOM have arrived. It can be done on a light or dark background. Fabric by Marcus has texture.. This quilt is a combination of traditional piecing and applique. They have a similar pattern called Color personality. Be sure to check it out too!

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