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What's new, May 2023


Thread Alchemy continues to stretch and grow

We are back from the wedding and filling up with fabric. As we enter the phase where inventory starts being entered its time to look at the best platform for our business and we have invested in converting to a new system with more support specific to quilting/sewing businesses. The build is going well, but the actual input of inventory is taking so much longer than I expected, especially since there are other tasks that keep data entry from happening all day every day.  There have been some lovely custom quilts brought in for finishing. Up until this month I was pretty consistant with adding quilts to Facebook & Instagram, but this website build is slowing all that down. There is just not enough of me to go around. I know I can do it! In the mean time there is plenty of new coming through the door!

Lisa Fryxell

We are so fortunate to  have Lisa Fryxell, the talented paper piecing pattern designer in our guild. This particular top was pieced by her and brought to me to quilt for Quilts of Valor, We all know I cannot resist the opportunity to do custom. In all there have been 3 of these in different variations and it challenged me to make sure each one was unique. Please see the gallery for more pictures of each of them. I purchased her  Corgi pattern at Market without realizing it was hers. In case you cannot tell, I am a fan. They are lovely patterns that she currently sells digitally from her website. We have talked about me carrying paper copies of her patterns. Stay tuned...

New Batiks

These lovelies are from Benartex. Batiks and paper piecing seem to go hand in hand,  maybe because there is no wrong side? Regardless of the reason, they are lovely and fun to work with and there will definitely be many more to come. We are currently expecting orders from Hoffman, Timeless Treasures, and Island Batik just to start. It is sure hard to wait the 6 months or more to see the things you order. Once the website is live everything ordered will be viewable and available for preorder, so you can get it the minute it arrives. 

In The Beginning has arrived!

Prism is here, and boy does it dazzle. The colors are brilliant and crisp. The available patterns complement the fabrics well, but its just as lovely as a bag! We have kits available!

Check out our Batiks!



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