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Is Spring in the Air? March 2023


Will Spring really come? 

What a wet year. Again, a great opportunity to dive into projects while its no fun to be outside. When summer gets into swing we will definitely want to be outdoors, and especially out on our motorcycles, which will make for more work/life balancing. For now there have been a few custom quilting projects to tie up before we head to Tennessee next month for a wedding. Orders from Quilt Market are just starting to trickle in. There should be more next month.  The addiction to paper piecing is real, to the point I am looking into becoming a certified instructor for Quiltworx and have started adding patterns and batiks to the inventory.

Custom Quilting with another Hoffman Dream Big Panel

These panels are so fun to quilt and there are many different patterns available through designers to mix it up so they don't get boring. The Hoffman panels are available in 42 inch & 108 inch in digitally printed cotton and also in 60 inch Minky. The minky has a pillow panel aong the edge to coordinate. They are fun projects!  

New Wideback fabrics from Windham fabrics. 

As a longarm quilter, I of course love a wideback. They are cost effective and provide a beautiful seamless back side of your quilt. There are so many to choose from and the modern fabrics square up beautifully.  I am not sure I can carry every single one, but I am sure willing to try. 

Judy Neimeyer & Quiltworx

We have started adding Quiltworx patterns and will do our best to keep everything in stock, except of course the technique of the month patterns, since you have to be certified for those. Along that line I have also started stocking Jacqueline De Jonge patterns as well and will be looking into the availability of other paper piecing patterns.

Please know that any pattern I sell can be made into a kit, so even if you don't see a kit, if you don't want to have to work at thinking about putting the fabrics together, we are more than happy to do that for you. 

See Quiltworx patterns here



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