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Merry Christmas, December 2022


Merry, Merry Christmas

Winter is not exactly my favorite time of year. I am cold-natured, so I am cold enough before the weather turns. I have to admit though, that the cold weather makes it easy to hunker down indoors and get busy with quilting projects. What I do love about this time of year is decorating for a festive Thanksgiving and Christmas season and the focus on time and activities with my family. What has everyone been working on or trying to finish up for Christmas?  Here is some of what I have been up to..

My First Christmas

Tree Skirt

This was definitely an opportunity to venture into new territory. I custom quilted the tree skirt on the longarm. I actually made 2 as the first one was smaller than I really wanted and after experimenting (and not liking the results) of using inktense to paint my fabric, I made another one.

I want to have a special shout out to Irena Bluhm & Hester Telene Jeffries, better known as Lady Jane Quilting in South Africa. Irena is a quilt artist who works on a Gammill and Hester is a Handiquilter Educator and these two ladies at different times  introduced me to the fabric painting techniques that I have been working with. Stay tuned because I will be carrying allof these supplies in the online store. 


Second Attempt...with Lumiere Metallic Fabric Paints

I decided to try Lumiere metallics instead. For me, they were much more satisfying, but I really do love metallics anyway. I am not opposed to the Inktense technique though and think I will enjoy that process more on a different fabric. I fully intend to experiement with this more. .

Tis the be an overachiever...

Why make just one, when you can keep playing. The Skill Builders program that Joan Knight & Joyce Lundrigen teach gives a new custom quilting project each moth to help familiarize you with the intricacies of your computerized Gammill Statler. It has definitely brought me my A game! There are always fun projects and this was right up there at the top of my list of favorites. I picked up some fabric when we went down to Canon City for my birthday last month that was made for the Colorado shop hop in 2021 and I thought it was perfect for this skirt...I planned to use it on the pinwheels, however I hated cutting things too small, so it was just used on the border. I did buy plenty, so I am sure I can find another worthy project to feature this fabric in. 

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