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Bringing all those skills into Practice, February 2022


Bringing all those skills into Practice

Its a slow process putting out the newsletters for now. I brought back a practice panel from Southern Belles in September but 2021 was a crazy year that started with some unexpected health problems. I started this longarm journey. Thanks to Covid and mandates I am now into this full time as I am no longer practicing as a midwife. It will be missed but on to new journeys. With that It is time to see if I can remember everything I learned. 

She is loaded...

I know it may seem silly to get worked up over a panel, but its been 5 months and boy was I worried I would ot be able to remember how to do all the different functions. I am so grateful for the amazing Statler. What a beautiful job she does with stitches.

I couldn't be happier...

I survived the entire quilt, learned even more in the application of everything I learned at Southern Belles. It is a nice addition of skills to the Edge-to-edge quilting I have been doing I am looking forward to the opportunity to do more custom soon!.

Glide Thread

Thread selection continues to build with both Glide and Omni. They are both lovely 30 weight threads. The Omni is a more matte finish and the Glide more shiny and is also used in embroidery. Theyquilt beautifully and I am so excited to watch my selection grow. 

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